5 mars 2011

Moving and apologies.

So, I am very aware of the fact that this blog hasn't been updated that continuously as I claimed that it should be. From now on you will see an improvement on that.

For the moment I am surrounded by changes. I've moved back to Stockholm again to have an internship at an advertising agency, I have only been there for one week, but I'm enjoying every second. Moving from Gothenburg meant leaving new people I care a lot for. Luckily, Sweden isn't a very broad country, so traveling the cities between won't take more than a couple of hours (Gothenburg is located on the West coast of Sweden and Stockholm is located on the East coast).

I've also moved back home to live with my sisters, my mother and Hugo, the dog. Feels kind of strange being adult moving back home. I'm still adjusting to this new lifestyle.

That was all for now, happy Saturday!

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